Functionalized Graphene for Research and Industry

National NanoMaterials was created to provide high quality nanotechnology at affordable prices.  We believe that 2-D forms of carbon will revolutionize the way we live.  What is needed for industry to incorporate this new material into life changing products is a form that is functionalized and will combine well with polymers to form strong, lightweight, thermal, and electrically conducting nanocomposites and is available in industrial quantities, with a high quality and at a reasonable price. We have developed proprietary technology that facilitates industrial scale production of functionalized graphene at a price that works for industry.

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We provide graphene for use by researchers and industry.  Our patented pending form of graphene, known as Graphenol™ adds OH or other functional molecules to increase the material’s bonding capability and dispersability.  Our products are supplied as surfactant free dispersions in a variety of solvents including aqueous dispersions.  This novel approach overcomes the well known difficulty with bonding graphene or carbon nanotubes with polymers .  We have created a graphene manufacturing process that produces a high quality product at a reasonable price, allowing industry to take advantage of the properties of graphene where it was previously impossible.

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The Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010  was given to Andre Geim and Constantin Novosolov for their discovery of graphene.  This new allotrope of carbon was the first demonstrated example of two dimensional material that theorist had posited could not exist. Graphene in the single 2-D sheet form exhibits extraordinary properties including the highest electrical and thermal conductivities and the highest tensile strength of any known material.  These unique properties have launched a major research and commercialization effort world wide.

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